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About Us

Stronger Through Fellowship

     There is nothing greater than connecting with like minded people. Divine Inspiration International Ministries are a Family of Churches that has always extended our right hand of fellowship to anyone who is willing to join us in serving in the body of Christ. It’s always good when you can find people with the same passion for ministry as yourself. 

     In cases when we do find others who share our burden for souls and to improve the quality of life for people all over the world, we realize that we have to create opportunities to come together and fulfill our God given purpose. Divine Inspiration International Ministries have churches in multiple states in the United States as well as in several other countries. We also provide an apostolic covering for churches and opportunities to fellowship through our various church affiliations.


     Our main goal is to help God’s people develop spiritually, address problems of illiteracy, reduce health issues with clinics, and support programs that promote communities ability to sustain themselves. This is only made possible through people who are willing to unite with us in this great endeavor. We thank you for caring and God bless you.


Our Mission

Church Planting is evangelism to a thriving church


We understand that the Church is not a building but it is the people. Due to the abuse and neglect of many people in our communities, many of the people have learned to suffer in silence.


This suffering has led to many of the social and spiritual illnesses that plaque generation after generation of families from these socially disadvantaged and economically depressed communities.


We want to help them hope, dream and develop vision for themselves and their children. We as a ministry "aspire to inspire" people to stop just settling for just being alive and begin to live and to grow spiritually, socially and economically. 


Our Vision

Restore HOPE, FAITH and CONFIDENCE in Almighty God and repair the relationship between the Church and the Community it serves. 

What does partnering together look like? What does it take to see a thriving church for every people? It takes prayer, it takes resources and it takes people. We Need Your Support Today!

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