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Divine Inspiration International Ministry’s Bible College and School of Ministry is designed to equip any believer with the tools and information to gain a greater understanding of biblical times, customs, culture, political climate, the people, and their God. Our objective is to empower the student to be able to speak the word with confidence stemming from having a solid biblical foundation and a ready understanding of what the bible declares about how a ministry is to be formed and operated to stay in alignment with the purpose of God for His church. Classes are open to anyone who has a desire to grow in his/her knowledge of the kingdom so feel free to call and reserve your place in our next class.

These are some of the pictures from our Class of 2020. Class of 2021 is in session now. The graduation date is scheduled for October 15th during our four day 15th Year Anniversary celebration. Don't forget, everyone is welcome; however, we would appreciate it if you can RSVP. Thank you and God Bless. 

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