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Community Outreach In The City Of New Orleans

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Not only are we making a difference on an international, we're also touches lives in the local communities of the New Orleans Metropolitan areas.

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There is always something going on to show the community that we care.

Divine Inspiration International Ministry of New Orleans, La

Here we are known for our community involvement. We pride ourselves on being able to create an atmosphere where service is paramount. There is always something going on to show the community that we care.

We have weekend giveaways where we give out donated items, we feed the homeless while doing street evangelism, we have found shelter and other services to help displaced families, we have found educational (career) opportunities for young adults seeking to improve their lives, and we continue to find ways to bring life and hope to our community and its surrounding areas.You are invited to come out and see what’s new at DIIM.

Consider becoming a partner with Divine Inspirational International Ministries, as we continue to touch lives all around the world!

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